EXO - Wolf

Aaaaaaand here we have finally the so waited MV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes God Papa Rain, you heard my prayers TT.TT First I saw in streaming their performance in MCount Down. After this I went to the SM official youtube channel because maybe they had released the MV. And what was my surpirse? There they were, waiting for me, the precious videos. Which one would I see first? Bah, I don't give a shit, let's see the first one: the Chinese version.

EXO - Wolf (Chinese ver.)
EXO - Wolf (Korean ver.)

Computer going slower than ever, maybe "he" was anticipating the video too, hahahaha. HD Quality, and there I go. First impression: WHUT?! This isn't what I saw on the comeback stage o.O
Kris first, Chanyeol second...all the singing order was changed. I dind't expect that, and I loved it ^^. But let's see what little surprises does EXO have for us.

Firstly, when I saw the starting pose, I thought (seriously) that it was a tree, but some people did the great job of drawing the real image, a wolf. Look how it turned out. (Now I can live in peace) >image by EXO MEMES<

Do you now see it? Hahahaha. Next surprise was Suho (in the Korean ver.). One second, that's the time I was shocked because I didn't know where was he. Wait, when has a wolf appeared? OMG I didn't saw that coming! But the effects of the wolves are really amazing *.* The wolf appears in its savage form, but as he is coming to the front he changes his image, phase by phase. Extraordinary.

Then in the last phase, the human one, we see Suho finally. With this comeback I think that Suho looks more perfect than before, if that is possible. I really like his hair style which makes him more handsome. 
The wolfy change appears in the last seconds of the video, when Luhan and Sehun pass under the tunnels made by the other members of the group.

I think that my favourite part of the video is when Xiumin, Lay and Tao begin to make a rain praying dance(?). It is very catchy and funny :). In general words I have to say that I loved the song, the video, and also how the dance looks like. Some of them have improved their image, but others... I'm sorry, but Lay's hair is wordless. (cries) 
Now, the critiziable things, but in a having-fun way, are the following ones.

In first place we have some clothes of the boys. I think that some of the stylist really hate them, I mean, how could you put this thing, to call it something, to Luhan?

That thing around his wrists...The poor boy says that although he looks young and has a baby-doll face, he is very manly. Well, with that on, I don't agree at all. Throw it away, it will be better ^^
Next one are Chen, Sehun, and D.O. That net which is on Chen...I don't know what to say about it, frankly. Sehun's T-shirt neck is horrible >.< It looks like it has been cut in pieces and inside, to give a glamour touch, they didn't know what to put and they took a pipe. And D.O., he looks very good in this capture, but that thing around his arms looks like those armbands that little kids use when they are learning how to swim :] 

Other thing that seemed a bit odd for me was when Tao and Kai jumped and scratched the screen o.O
It is cool, but...

And an odder thing, if that was possible, is the last appearance of a wolf with blue eyes that can be seen at the end of the video. It looks like an infiltrated image to control the minds of the video viewers and to brainwash them. Hhahahaha. It's really creeppy.

This last part, using captures, is reserved to the fail captures I made while stopping the video and made me laugh so much that I have to put them here.

Sehun looks like he has seen something scary or that the Virgin has appeared to him and Chanyeol is freaked out. Kai's face is a LOL. I'm sorry for him, I feel bad for this, but I couldn't help it ^^

D.O., where are you touching?? ( ̄ー ̄)Yeah, I think someone is needy and Beakhyun's thigh/butt cheek was the first he saw hahahahahaahaha. 
Ad the best one I made, with my questionable art skills. I titled it This Is Not The Reality Exo Wanted.

To come to an end I'm going to make some other comments.First I have to give my congratulations to Kris. Really, boy, I dind't expect you dancing so much and so good. I give you the title of "Dancing Machine"; I'm sorry Chen, but you will allways be the Troller Emperor in our hearts ^^.
Another thing, and this time is a very seriouos one, is about the racisim that was involved in EXO's comeback. Many foreign fans were waiting outside for even 12-13 hours just to see EXO on stage, but what did they found? Stuff members started to kick foreign people out the line just because the show was for Koreans. This isn't fair, in first place because it is discrimination and everybody has to have the same rights, and in second place because the hallyu wave is mainly spreading thanks to international fans, not because Korean fans. But that is not the case; the important thing here is that they treated those foreigners without manners, and that is not the "right" way to promote K-pop and Korea. You can read more in Omona They Didn't, where I read the news.

That's all for today. Next entry I will make it about the Drama version ^^.
Comment everything you want :)

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